Brand Videos

Brand videos are powerful storytelling tools that effectively capture the essence of your business, who you are, what you do and why you do it. They embody your values, showcase your unique selling points, and illustrate what sets you apart from the competition. We create compelling brand videos that resonate with your target audience and cultivate a strong emotional connection.

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TV Commercial

At Jones Road, we are firm believers that impactful TV advertising shouldn’t have to break the bank. We understand the immense value that showcasing your business on television can bring – it not only enhances your visibility but also solidifies your brand’s presence in the minds of consumers. Television commercials provide a unique opportunity to reach a broad, diverse audience, potentially increasing your customer base.

With our deep industry knowledge and cost-effective solutions, we aim to make TV advertising accessible and rewarding for businesses of all sizes.

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Corporate Video Production

At Jones Road, we specialise in corporate video production, bringing your business narrative to life through engaging visual storytelling. Whether it’s your company profile, or an internal communication piece, we tailor our approach to fit your specific needs. Our expert team focuses on capturing the essence of your brand, showcasing your unique strengths, and delivering your message effectively to your intended audience. We create corporate videos that are not only informative but also compelling, helping to enhance your brand image and engage your stakeholders in a meaningful way.”

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Xceda Finance

Social Media Videos

There’s no two ways about it, social media videos play a vital role in today’s digital landscape. Our team is skilled at creating engaging, shareable social media videos tailored for various social platforms, from quick and impactful Instagram stories, 15 second Tik-Tok’s to in-depth YouTube tutorials. We focus on capturing the viewer’s attention in those crucial first few seconds, crafting videos that resonate with your target audience and spark meaningful interaction. Ensuring your brand stands out in the crowded social media sphere, driving engagement, and fostering a strong online community.

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Elle & Riley

Customer Testimonial Video

Customer testimonial videos are among the most powerful tools for building trust and credibility. Nothing speaks more authentically about your business than hearing it firsthand from a satisfied customer. We produce testimonial videos that highlight your customers’ positive experiences and showcase the value your brand offers. By capturing genuine stories from your customers, we create engaging videos that potential clients can relate to and trust, turning your customers’ success stories into your brand’s strongest endorsements.”

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Next Advisory

Product Videos

A great product video shows off a product’s best features and how it benefits the user. Simply put, it shows how the product works, what it does, and how it can solve a problem or fulfill a need. We produce product videos that are designed to grab viewers’ attention, give useful information, and convince them to buy the product. Product videos are very important for online sales because they help customers understand the product better, build trust in the product, and ultimately, increase conversion rates.

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Recruitment Videos

We create powerful recruitment videos that showcase the best aspects of your organisation and attract top talent. We believe a well-crafted video can provide an authentic glimpse into your company culture, work environment, and the unique opportunities you offer. Our team is skilled at capturing compelling narratives from your employees and leadership, highlighting what makes you a dream employer.

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Silver Fern Group

Event Videos

An event video is a powerful marketing tool that preserves the energy and key moments of your event, ensuring its legacy continues long after the lights go out. Capturing the excitement and atmosphere, our videos provide a relivable experience for attendees and a captivating glimpse for those who couldn’t make it, sparking anticipation for your future events. With a skillful blend of storytelling and marketing strategy, our event videos serve as compelling promotional assets, enhancing your brand’s reach and engagement.

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Property Videos

Property videos are a great way to captivate developers, entice prospective residents, or engage potential buyers. More than a practical visual tool, they can provide a compelling narrative of your property, offering something beyond mere visual representation. Whether it’s the history, the vision of a new development, or the lifestyle of a residential community, these videos bring your property’s story to life. Particularly beneficial are update videos, which keep future residents informed about the progress and direction of their soon-to-be home.

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School & Educational Promotional Videos

The decision about a child’s education is undoubtedly one of the most significant choices any parent or whanau makes. A well-crafted promotional video for your school can effectively communicate your unique offerings and values, setting you apart from other educational institutions. It provides an engaging platform to highlight your school’s facilities, curriculum, faculty, and ethos, thereby driving increased interest and fostering a desire for attendance.

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AGE School