Your Brand Or Business Shouldn’t Be On TikTok If…

Nov 9, 2023

You don’t want exposure to 1 billion active users
·      You don’t want to reach and audience who is 18 – 45 years old
·      You don’t want to advertise on a platform where the users screen time averages 52 mins per day.

With more than 3 billion downloads and 1 billion users around the world you’d be crazy NOT  to be on TikTok. Unless you sell incontinence pants of course, Newstalk ZB is probably still your haven. Tiktok is out performing every other social platform around. What started as simple lip syncing has now turned into something much much bigger in the space of video content.

The average time a TikTok user spends on the app daily is approximately 52 minutes. Each piece of video content can now also last up to 10 minutes.

In 2021 the video-sharing service launched TikTok Ads that allows brands to run ads as videos. The data reported to show that this added exposure for brands, has increased monthly sales by a large margin for a lot of brands. It doesn’t come as a surprise considering how many active daily users are on this platform and are huge TikTok fans. Video production again comes to the fore.

Hopefully you’re getting curious about jumping on the platform and posting some content. So now what…?

To get you started, TikTok has created an e-learning centre that encompasses everything you need to know. It has even broken it down to easy to learn modules, beginning with how to create an ad account through to automated creative optimisation. It has got everything you need! Even some tips of video production to get those creative juices flowing.

The fun doesn’t stop there. INFLUENCERS.

TikTok has emerged as a hot spot for influencers. Their engagement rate is a whopping17% compared to Instagram which sits around 4%.

One of the most appealing aspects of TikTok is that anyone can go viral. A person with 0 followers and 0 views can post a TikTok video one night that has a million views the next morning.

This ability to provide anyone with a massive following means TikTok has a limitless pool of influencers to choose from. If your brand is looking to target a particular group of people in a specific location, there is likely a perfectly suited individual who fits the criteria and already has a big following.

Now sifting through influencers on TikTok can be an arduous process, and it’s hard to know whether a certain influencer is right for your product or service.

To make this process super easy, TikTok created the TikTokCreator Marketplace,an analytics tool that helps brands find TikTok users to partner with. It lets you access the influencers’ engagement, reach, demographics, views, and much more.

Right that’s about enough TikToking for one day. Jump on the platform and have some fun with it. Remember, while there is a place for educational/informative content, the majority of TikTok’s content is light hearted and entertaining.Embrace this opportunity for your brand to connect with your customers. Every brand has a threshold for how much fun and humour is shown on social media, but I can guarantee your brand hasn’t reached it yet!