Have A Break, Have A…

Nov 9, 2023

Kit-Kat. You’d be hard pressed to meet someone who didn’t know the end of that sentence. But the question is, how do you eat yours? You’ve got the people who neatly break the fingers apart, the Kourtney Kardashian’s of the world who nibble and also…the Michael Caton’s of the world.

After filming a KitKat ad with Michael Caton, the crew noticed something strange about what he did after the cameras stopped rolling…. he did the unthinkable…he bit right through the Kit Kat…I know so weird, who does that?

That got the team at Wunderman Thompson Australia & Nestle thinking, it may be time to question the age old debate…how do you eat yours? Enter the KitKat ‘Have a bite’ campaign, which saw TikToker’s showcasing some very questionable Kit Kat eating methods. So, how do you eat yours?