I Need More Sales

Nov 9, 2023

 Cost of living, inflation, rising interest rates.

 Business owners all over scream, we need sales & we need them now. (We feel ya).

 It’s no joke that people are starting to tighten their purse strings and look at how they can save money.

 So why on earth would this be a good time to start looking at your brands story, your purpose, your why? You need sales quickly & you need them now, it’s not a time for storytelling. Or is it?

 Business’ need to engage with customers like never before. It’s a crowded market out there, why should I buy from you – because I trust you!

How do you build trust? Through having a connection, how do you build a connection – by forming an understanding, how do you build an understanding – through narrative.

Why do you think Nike can make a shoe for $5 and sell it for $250 – because they built their brand through building their story?

 We connect with stories; we are quite literally wired to remember them. Our ancestors used to sit around campfires and educate each other by telling stories. It is one of the easiest ways to remember information. Storytelling creates an emotional connection and drives emotional value.

 How can storytelling help you your business? Because people buy brands not businesses and stories build brands not businesses.

 Next time you have a certain message you are trying to communicate, weave it into a story. If you know someone that needs help with their story, get in touch!